about the artist

Hello all! My name is Jeff Tadashi Moy, and I am an IT Network Security Engineer, currently working in a consulting firm. But before I was that, I was a rock musician/composer, and even entertained being a catering chef.

This website started as a simple challenge for myself, to see if I could build a secure website from scratch – From a basic Linux (Ubuntu) server. Now, I’ve built many systems, such as security cameras for my home using Raspberry Pi Zero’s, an ESXi virtual server farm, and even replaced my basic home wireless router with Unifi AP’s and PfSense.

Being in Network Security, we are always trying to protect our client’s cyber defenses, but I’ve wondered how hackers really do what they do. So recently, I’ve been exploring penetration testing tools (Metasploit, Powershell Empire), and even done some hacking and phishing fun against myself (and it’s pretty scary what’s possible!). I will share my experiences and thoughts with you all.

And before I ever got a paid job in IT, my background was always in the arts, whether it be music or food. I’ve started to pick up music composition and production again, and I will share my newer pieces on here as well (I’ll likely spare you all my singing, which I’ve attempted for many years).

And in another life of mine, being a catering chef was a dream, and I attended Kendall College (here in Chicago) for some training. I will use my experiences there to share you all some of my recipes, tips, and some of my favorite restaurant picks around the area.